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Jodie Foster’s children fathered by Mel Gibson?

Written on:January 18, 2013
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Jodie-Mel paternity rumours

Could Mel Gibson be the father of Jodie Foster’s children?

Jodie Foster’s speech at Golden Globes 2013 led to the reports of the actress revealing the identity of the father of her kids to them, when they turn 21. Recent rumours suggest that Mel Gibson is allegedly the father of Charles and Kit, who were also present at the awards ceremony. Both the stars are reported to be close friends, which might have instigated the rumours about him fathering the children.

Foster also spoke about her relationship with Cydney Bernard at the awards night. The ‘Silence of The Lambs’ star has also been there for Gibson during his tumultuous times further adding to the speculations. Foster thanked Gibson for saving her during her emotional speech at the Golden Globes 2013.

An amateur genealogist has stated that the kids look like Gibson but blonder. Hollywood producer and gay rights activist, Randy Stone, was also rumoured to be the father of Jodie Foster’s children. Randy’s mother, Reverend Beverly Bates, hinted at the possibility of him being the father of Foster’s children.

Following Mel Gibson’s racist remarks and claims of domestic violence from his ex-partner, Oksana Grigorieva, Jodie Foster was the only actress, who accepted to work alongside the star. On a promotional tour of ‘The Beaver’ in 2011, talking about Gibson, Foster said, “I can go on to say I think he is one of the greatest filmmakers in America that we have. That would be a shame, to never see that voice as a director.”

There has been no comment from the spokespeople of Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson about the rising rumours of paternity claims. With the children of Jodie Foster still in their teens, it might be some time before the actress reveals the identity of their father.

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